CRT is a range of specialist anti-ageing treatments utilising the most advanced scientific technology available to prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of ageing. CRT contains an exclusive biotechnological ingredient, Accelerin III – the next generation in anti-ageing technology to assist cell revitalisation, slow down the ageing process and prolong your skin’s youth. The CRT range is used in conjunction with a basic skincare regimen, is suitable for all skin types and ages.

The following 3 treatments form an essential part of every preventative and anti-wrinkle programme. They should be used by all ages and skin types:

5687: CRT ReversAge Concentrate

  • An intensive anti-ageing restorative booster treatment to accelerate cell renewal and help repair damaged ageing skin.

5685: CRT Instant Radiance

  • A gentle enzymatic (chemical) exfoliator containing AHA’s, BHA’s and enzymes, helps to loosen the intercellular cement between the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
  • Improves skin radiance, clarity, texture and helps refine pores.

5680: CRT Dramatic Results Youth Gel

  • A mini face-lift that visibly firms, lifts, hydrates and revitalises the skin.

5689: CRT AgeRepair Ampoules

  • Advanced treatment to minimize pore size, reduce UV photo damage and improve complexion.
    Suitably used as a Primary Treatment on a younger skin.

To prolong your skin’s youth, the following treatments help to control the condition of your skin, no matter what your age:

5682: CRT EclipsAge Lotion SPF 15 (20+ yrs)

  • Prevents and delays skin ageing and photo damage by 50%.
    A unique multi-level anti-oxidant together with UVA filters to reduce the onset of ageing.

5695: CRT Time Defence (30+ yrs)

  • Visibly reduces wrinkle depth to help prevent ageing skin.

5683: CRT XtremeAge Crème (45+ yrs)

  • Fights against ageing caused by hormonal deficiency and photo-induced skin damage.

Advanced treatments for specific skin conditions and individual customer concerns:

5686: CRT Revitalising Eye Gel

  • A triple action, deep penetrating eye treatment that visibly firms, reduces wrinkle depth and moisturises the delicate eye area.

5691: CRT Firming Neck Cream

  • This advanced firming treatment increases the elasticity of the neck and throat skin and improves the appearance of the décolletage area.

5696: CRT Surefade Pigmentation Treatment SPF 15

  • Helps reduce and prevent pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

5679: CRT Line ReducA Ampoules

  • A deep targeted treatment that reduces the depth of specific deep lines and wrinkles.

5684: CRT Essence of Youth

  • An intensive oil-free serum that hydrates dry skin conditions soothes skin sensitivities and restoring the barrier function of the skin.

5690: CRT Illuminating Diamond Crème

  • Advanced illuminating complex instantly reduces appearance of skin ageing and prevents sagging.

What does CRT stand for?

CRT stands for Cell Revitalisation Therapy, which is exactly what these products do.

CRT is a range of specialist anti-ageing treatments containing Accelerin III - an exclusive biotechnological ingredient to assist the cell renewal process of the skin and provide unique anti-ageing benefits for a younger looking skin at any age.

CRT has been scientifically researched and developed to offer the skin highly effective anti-ageing treatments to help prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of premature ageing.

The unique formulations of the CRT treatment range have been clinically tested and proven to help prevent and even reverse skin ageing. CRT also helps improve various skin conditions. The CRT anti-ageing treatment range offers world-class formulations that deliver the quality and efficacy assured by Avroy Shlain Cosmetics.

Whether young or old, everyone needs to maintain a youthful and beautiful skin. It is never too soon to start fighting the signs of ageing! CRT is Avroy Shlain’s age-targeted, age-defying treatment regimen for anyone who wants to improve the look and feel of his or her skin. CRT allows you to manage and control the condition of your skin at any age. Specific products cater for the skin-care needs of consumers in their early twenties, to help to prevent the onset of ageing, and for consumers in their thirties, where it slows down and prevents the appearance of skin ageing, as well as for the more mature or menopausal skin in order to repair, soften and firm the appearance of older skin.

The CRT treatment products are used in conjunction with all our other basic skin-care ranges. CRT is suitable for all ages, genders and skin types. It is fragrance and colourant free and even suitable for sensitive skin types.

What ingredients are used in the CRT products?
Avroy Shlain first introduced CRT with Accelerin in 1979 and we have maintained our leading edge in the anti-ageing market with constant innovation, utilising the most modern technology available today. For many years, Accelerin has been used in our CRT range, and women who are constant users of the CRT range endorse the remarkable effect these products have had on their skins.

Accelerin III is the next generation in anti-ageing technology. Accelerin III is one of the most modern biotechnological anti-ageing materials available in the world today to assist cell r

evitalization, slow down the ageing process and prolong your skin’s youth. Accelerin III is a powerful anti-ageing complex to prevent premature ageing, smooth wrinkles and help fight the signs of ageing.

Accelerin III Complex:

Accelerin III has advanced benefits to accelerate cell renewal and increase cellular respiration, together with additional anti-ageing benefits to slow down the ageing process and prolong your skin’s youth.

Accelerin III helps to repair damage by positively activating cell renewal. Its advanced regenerating capacity strengthens the skin’s natural ability to protect itself and guard against damaging environmental influences. Accelerin III significantly increases oxygen uptake in the skin cells and stimulates cellular respiration to improve skin health and vitality.

Accelerin III is a combination of our famous yeast-derived Revitalin and a new innovative ingredient Solanum – a glycoprotein of plant origin.

Accelerin III contains the first growth stimulator of plant origin with remarkable biological, “growth factor-like” properties:
1. Accelerin III stimulates cell renewal.
2. Accelerin III increases cell respiration.
3. Accelerin III reduces lines and wrinkles.
4. Accelerin III stimulates ageing skin cells.

Accelerin III has remarkable anti-ageing properties which have been confirmed by clinical tests on human skin cells:

  • Increases cell respiration by 310%
  • Stimulates the production of new cells by 83%
  • Improves skin smoothness by 63%*
  • Reduces wrinkle depth by 32%*
  • Stimulates the metabolism of aged keratinocytes by 48%

*In Vivo

Accelerin III:

  • Accelerin III acts on the cells and tissues of the skin.
  • It ensures the cells are functioning at maximum efficiency (i.e. functions as a younger cell which means they look like a younger cell.)
  • Because of this, more oxygen moves into the cells and toxins are eliminated.
  • As age increases, vital fluids decrease as cells loose fluid at a faster rate, resulting in smaller cells that lose their shape. Metabolic wastes accumulate in the cells and interfere with the process of growth and regeneration. The increased cell respiration helps to eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes more efficiently.
  • Cells become more active, and your skin begins to look and feel healthier.

How Accelerin III works:
Each organ of the body is made up of millions of cells. As these cells die off, identical cells replace them.

Thus, if a cell is in a bad condition, the new replacement cell will also be in a bad condition. It will be an exact replica of the former cell.

Accelerin III improves the quality of the cells, by ensuring that the quality of the replacement cells increases continuously. Accelerin III actually penetrates below the surface of the skin to stimulate the revitalisation and development of new skin cells.

Very shortly after using CRT products containing Accelerin III, you will notice a visible ‘newness’ to your skin – a fresh softness and suppleness, which will smooth away superficial wrinkles and crow’s feet, leaving you with a noticeably younger complexion.

How Accelerin III accelerates cell renewal
Accelerin III increases the proliferation of two main sets of cells within the skin:

1. Keratinocytes

  • These are the basic cells of the epidermis.
  • The epidermis is made up of approximately 15 – 20 tightly packed layers of cells.

2. Fibroblasts

  • The basic cell of the dermis is the fibroblast.
  • This cell produces the intercellular substance as well as collagen fibres.

Cell Renewal
In the basal layer, new epidermal cells are formed by cell division. The skin cells formed in the basal layer are pushed upwards by ‘younger’ cells, until they are ultimately shed from the surface of the skin. This is a continuous process. As the cells move upwards, their shape becomes flatter and flatter. As they move, they start to degenerate, and gradually lose their vitality. They lose their water content, dry out and eventually flatten out. By the time they reach the outermost layers, the cells are dead. This process is called keratinisation.

As the skin ages and its capacity to renew itself declines, the amount of active, live cells decreases. The skin becomes thinner, more fragile, dries out more rapidly and becomes more vulnerable to environmental aggressors.

Accelerin III stimulates fibroblast proliferation:
Accelerin III slows down the ageing process by stimulating the production of fibroblasts, the cells that are the ‘building blocks’ of your skin. It also thickens the skin’s horny layer, resulting in an improvement in skin elasticity and firmness and a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Accelerin III accelerates keratinocyte proliferation:
Accelerin III accelerates the proliferation of the keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis. This unique benefit increases the quality of the ageing skin cells, helping them to stay younger for longer, plumping the skin and increasing skin density.

What other ingredients are used in the range?
Accelerin III is contained in most of the CRT products with the highest concentrations in CRT ReversAge Concentrate and CRT Youth Gel. Additional active ingredients are included in our CRT products to enhance specific product benefits to cater for individual skin conditions and anti-ageing concerns:

CRT Concentrate contains Antarcticine

  • Helps stimulate collagen and elastin production.
  • Helps prevents dryness.

CRT Eye Gel contains Eyeliss

  • Helps combat dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

CRT Eye Gel contains Hyaluronic Acid

  • Helps hydrate the deeper levels of the skin.

CRT Instant Radiance contains Chemical Exfoliators

  • AHA’s a BHA and an Enzyme work on the skin by removing dead cells, and allowing fresh, younger skin to develop.
  • They leave the skin looking naturally radiant and glowing.

CRT Youth Gel contains Hibiscus Extract & Sveltonyl LS

  • Has an immediate and long-term visible firming and lifting effect.

CRT EclipsAge contains Phyllanthus Emblica

  • A protection sustained multi-functional anti-oxidant.

CRT EclipsAge contains Tinosorb

  • A photo-stable UVA filter to prevent further skin ageing.

CRT Time Defence contains Advanced Wrinkle Defence Complex

  • Stimulates collagen production and visibly reduces wrinkle depth.

CRT XtremeAge Crème contains Clover Extract

  • Helps restore menopausal skin by increasing skin density, reducing wrinkles and improving skin moisturisation.

CRT Line ReducA contains Retinol

  • This form of vitamin A has powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties.

CRT Eye Gel and Line ReducA contain Pentapeptide

  • Acts like micro-collagen by boosting collagen synthesis and rejuvenating aged skin.

CRT Surefade SPF15 contains Rumex Extract and Vitamin C

  • Prevents the formation of pigmentation and lightens existing pigmentation.

CRT Essence of Youth contains Restor-X

  • Increases skin hydration, elasticity and firmness.

CRT Diamond Crème contains a unique Diamond Complex

  • Improves skin volume and radiance and reduces sagging.

CRT Surefade SPF15 contains New Pigment Regulating Complex and Rice Bran Oil

  • Prevent the formation of pigmentation and lighten existing pigmentation.

CRT Essence of Youth contains Restor-X

  • Restores dry and sensitive hydration.

The CRT product line up and treatment plan comprises three segments.

The first step is always the basic skin-care routine: Steps 1, 2 and 3. Then only does one add in the 4th step of the CRT Treatment products:

Primary treatments are the first and most important treatments in any preventative, anti-ageing and treatment programme. It is vital that customers of all ages and skin types use all three primary products as recommended, to keep skin at optimum condition and to prevent signs of skin damage and premature ageing.

STEP 1: Booster Treatment - CRT ReversAge Concentrate
  - CRT AgeRepair Ampoules
STEP 2: Enzymatic / Chemical Exfoliator - CRT Instant Radiance
STEP 3: Mini Face Lift - CRT Dramatic Results Youth Gel

The new CRT range provides specific products which help you manage, control and optimize the condition of your skin at every age to prevent the onset of ageing and to reverse and repair the signs of ageing.

Depending on your customer’s skin type and condition, you would recommend one of these products to be used in addition to the three primary treatments above.

Age Prevention: Age ~ 20 + CRT EclipsAge Lotion SPF15
Wrinkle Reduction: Age ~ 30 + CRT Time Defence
Age Control: Age ~ 45 + CRT XtremeAge Crème


Avroy Shlain have enhanced and expanded their line of treatments with innovative and advanced Defined Anti-Ageing Treatments for specific skin conditions and individual customer concerns or requirements, e.g. eye area, pigmentation or neck area.

These treatments are recommended, depending on the customer’s individual requirements or concerns.

EYES - CRT Revitalising Eye Gel
DEEP LINES & WRINKLES - CRT Line ReducA Ampoules
- CRT Firming Neck Cream
PIGMENTATION - CRT Surefade Pigmentation Treatment SPF 15
DEHYDRATION - CRT Essence of Youth
ANTI-SAGGING & ILLUMINATING - CRT Illuminating Diamond Crème

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